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Pied Piper Border Collies

Border Collie Standard of Care

Border Collie Standard of Care
Herding with Indian Runner ducks
Herding is done with ducks and sheep.
BC rescue dogs
Puppies from Past Litters
Purebred Indian Runner Ducks, Button Quail, Diamond Doves

Our foremost concern is for the health and well being of all our dogs. We breed for health and temperament. We screen to the best of our ability with CERF  eye testing and OFA hip testing. Border Collies are not for everyone. Choose carefully when deciding upon a dog to fit your life style. That "Smart Dog" that you may see performing many feats has spent  untold hours with an owner that is dedicated and understands the breed. A Border Collie requires mental as well as physical stimulation.  It is not enough to  just have them run with other dogs for  physical activity. A Border Collie with a committed owner is a match made in heaven and a joy to behold. It is still a concern to me that many dog owners think dogs do not require obedience training and think the dog "will train itself".
Socialization begins as soon as the pups are born and should continue to be a part of your life and accompany you in all aspects of your regular activities as will allow. A Border Collie that is exposed to numerous encounters with other people ,dogs and situations is a much more well adjusted companion.