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Pied Piper Border Collies

BC rescue dogs

Border Collie Standard of Care
Herding with Indian Runner ducks
Herding is done with ducks and sheep.
BC rescue dogs
Puppies from Past Litters
Purebred Indian Runner Ducks, Button Quail, Diamond Doves

Cooper at his new home
He chases geese off golf courses!

From time to time I get a call about a Border Collie that somehow just does not work for the household that has chosen to get a BC. Once again I stress that people should take the time to truly educate themselves on the breed. It is heartbreaking to see a pup that  has to be re-homed to a second and third household only to be up rooted and put through the turmoil of yet another move. By this time, the dog has problems that could have been prevented if proper research had been done in the beginning. If you have a BC, or know of a BC that needs to be re-homed please do not hesitate to contact me and I will make every effort to find a forever family for this dog. I will take the time to match that BC to a suitably active home.
I am happy to say that the red and white male "Cooper" has found his calling and has a nice home and steady job chasing geese off golf courses in Ontario. I had many offers for him but it was worth the wait to find a home that matched him. Here is a picture of him after 2 weeks in his new home.

    Why do you want a Border Collie???  Ask yourself this question very thoroughly. Read up on the breed. Everyone that sees a Border Collie in action seems to want one of those "Smart dogs". Remember the dog you see that is so smart has had endless hours of training and close interaction with someone who understands the breed. We choose very carefully who gets to home our puppies. It is heartbreaking to see a neglected BC who is deemed a "bad" dog. It just means the home did not match the dog. When a perfect match is made both are inseparable. A well trained Border Collie and happy owner are a joy to behold. A match made in heaven.

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