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Pied Piper Border Collies

Purebred Indian Runner Ducks, Button Quail, Diamond Doves

Border Collie Standard of Care
Herding with Indian Runner ducks
Herding is done with ducks and sheep.
BC rescue dogs
Puppies from Past Litters
Purebred Indian Runner Ducks, Button Quail, Diamond Doves
Member of: APA         (American Poultry Association)
                     GMFFC   (Greater Moncton Fur and Feather Club)
I wanted Indian Runner ducks to teach my dogs to herd. My Border Collies are trained in obedience and agility plus a few other tricks. I really wanted them to do what Border Collies do best, herding. Well as all best laid plans do, this plan went awry. I got them in the midst of the winter and had to build a pen as well as shelter to house them. Finally I got the ducks and a few days later decided to try them with the dogs. Not only were they afraid of the dogs but they were terrified of me.  I was chasing them out in the back field and nearly onto the highway. Almost in tears, I phoned the breeder who said "Make ducklings!" I have worked in the field of animals all my life and really did not want any more ducks. But I incubated and hatched 50 or so ducklings this spring and kept 6 for myself that I was determined to tame. They are so tame now that the ducks chase the dogs and pull fur off their rumps if they get too close. I am going to have to send ducks and dogs to therapy to reverse their roles in life. lol My BCs take great delight in hearing me say "Put them in the pen!". The ducks realize then who is doing the herding!

White Runners at Peticodiac Show 2009

These unique ducks make wonderful pets
They are great at cleaning insects and slugs in the garden.

Judging Indian Runner Ducks Click here to see what it takes to have a "Show Winning" Indian Runner duck.

All about the Nova Scotia Purebred Poultry Association (click here)

  I did not plan to show or breed Indian Runners but with the guidance and knowledge offered by Jamie Carson of Forestview Waterfowl and Exotics, ( I aquired all my Indian Runners from him originally) I have now entered the "Show" world of poultry and waterfowl.  He is an APA Grand Master  Exhibitor and the IWBA's first Master Breeder of White Runners.  He is also an APA -ABA &" Maritime Certified" Poultry Judge. When he told me about a few white runners that were from his award winning line for the past 12 years, I knew I had to take his advice and get them. These are now my show runners that I have entered in 3 shows this year and have won Champion Large Duck in Gagetown in August 2006 then won  Reserve Champion Large Duck in Petitcodiac in September and finally,  Champion Light Duck at Truro in the Nova Scotia Purebred Poultry Show in October of 2006. Now I am hooked! I only hope I can do justice to his past accomplishments.
The Saint John Exhibition or ANE will be hosting a  show at the exhibition grounds this summer in Saint John and  we are looking for exhibitors to participate.
If  you  want to enter poultry water fowl or small  animals , or even cage birds  please contact me 506-654-7874  or phone the Exhibition and ask for Nancy.
Overall  the years have been  good for showing and my white runners placed very well getting Large Duck at the ANE in Saint John